April 15, 2014 : Libra Lunar Eclipse Moon : DOOM

Doom: I say Nay, Nay

There has been a spate of celebrity deaths over the last few weeks. John Pinette was a comedian I used to listen to quite often; I had a job that put me in my car for long periods of time and I would listen to comedy channels. Mr. Pinette was one of my favorites. He was known for his self-deprecating humor, and using the line “I say Nay Nay,” to express his disagreement. He was one of the few comedians these days, who was funny without using vulgarity or misogyny in his routine. Thank you for making many of us laugh, Mr. Pinette, may you find Peace and Light on your journey.

There has been much written about April 2014, much doom and gloom. I have read some other posts that suggest not to make any big decisions during Eclipse season, as decisions made at this time never work out. Well to borrow Mr. Pinette’s line, I say Nay Nay.

Lunar Eclipses are akin to Full Moons on steroids, the energy brings a culmination of events started long ago and/or initiates action where action is needed. Change is scary for many of us, even “good” changes. The Ego seeks security and routine, this is a greatly needed function for our psychic survival. However, the Soul operates on an entirely different level seeking Spiritual growth, and this usually occurs through great change. And although these changes are not always easy for the Ego to process, major decisions and changes bring us growth and are part of the reason we are here, to learn and grow. Embrace change and honor your Intuition, we are all affected differently by the energies, and for many of us, it might be a wonderful time to make big changes in our lives.

“According to an old proverb, it is only in times of despair that the pupil seeks the teacher. This illustrates that suffering and disappointment are not only indispensable for spiritual and psychological development, but in the end also have healing properties.”


The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at this Eclipse speaks to the polarization of our consciousness, and that in the end, there is no difference between good and bad experiences, all we are, all we do, is leading us back to the source-LOVE.


The Sabian Symbol for the MOON at the FULL MOON ECLIPSE on April 15, 2014:


[Keynote: The interaction of the spiritual Will and of the Love principle when critical needs arise.]

Consciousness operates beyond duality, because the polarized energies of the Soul (or Spirit), Will and Love, though ever distinct, work for a single purpose.


The Sabian Symbol for the SUN at the FULL MOON ECLIPSE on April 15, 2014:

[Keynote: Obsession by potentiality.]

The Moon at 26 Libra (Cardinal-Air) is joined with the Asteroid Goddesses Ceres, Vesta, and the transiting North-Node. Ceres and Vesta represent issues of Hearth and Home. The transiting North-Node represents new directions in our lives.

The Sun at 26 Aries (Cardinal-Fire) is joined by the Asteroid Goddess Juno and transiting South-Node, indicating issues of Hearth and Home may be in conflict with our Committed Relationships.

Mercury is in an exact conjunction with Uranus at 14 Aries (Cardinal-Fire), squaring Pluto at 14 Capricorn (Cardinal-Earth). This could bring unexpected information or insight into an issue or situation that has proved difficult.

Venus in Pisces (Mutable-Water), moves between Neptune and Chiron, providing love and support for our continued healing. Venus’ position is strong at this Lunation as she is exalted in Pisces and the ruler of this Lunar Eclipse. Venus is associated with many things, but above all she is LOVE and in Pisces her energy is inclusive and forgiving. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and together, there is much support at this Lunar Eclipse for Unconditional Love and Forgiveness.

This Lunar Eclipse mirrors the Lunar Eclipse in October 2013, what was happening  in your life then that is connected to what is happening in your life now?

This Lunar Eclipse is also the first in a series known as tetrad.

The action starts on April 15th when the full Moon passes through the amber shadow of Earth, producing a midnight eclipse visible across North America. So begins a lunar eclipse tetrad—a series of 4 consecutive total eclipses occurring at approximately six month intervals.  The total eclipse of April 15, 2014, will be followed by another on Oct. 8, 2014, and another on April 4, 2015, and another on Sept. 28 2015.

“The most unique thing about the 2014-2015 tetrad is that all of them are visible for all or parts of the USA,” says longtime NASA eclipse expert Fred Espenak.

The Eclipse occurs around midnight on April 15th, Monday the 14th will be an intense day, as the Moon and Mercury make multiple aspects, and Pluto Stations Retrograde. Cooler heads will prevail.

As the Cardinal Grand Cross moves into exact position on April 21 & 22, we feel the energies amplify, emotions will be over the top, there will be many acting out their unconscious issues, anger, sadness, joy, and Love; remember we are Spiritual Beings in a time of great change, look to the Eagle and the Dove.

As always, Stay in Your Heart…




In Love & Light,



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