March 30, 2014 : Aries New Moon : CHANGES

Roller Coaster (OF LOVE)

We find ourselves in these last days of March 2014, already feeling the Transformative energies of the April Eclipse Season.

Roller Coasters are for the most part fun; twists and turns, stomach drops, heart-pounding, upside down, dizzying, corkscrew consciousness.Roller

This is how April will feel, only most of us won’t be at an amusement park.

Although, the hardest hit will be people with prominent middle degrees of the Cardinal signs, everyone will experience the energy of Transformation.

There is still the missing plane, a horrific mudslide in the state of Washington, and Russia continues to play out old world politics, with unwarranted aggression toward Ukraine. There are many who would prefer the way of control, domination, dictatorship, suppression. But the energies of Transformation are upon us and are more powerful than any earthly government or leader. There are many changes, some scary, some exciting, some good, and some not-so-good.

The key is to meet the challenges presented to us, with Grace, Love and Kindness, no matter what we are experiencing.

The Sabian Symbol for the NEW MOON on March 30, 2014:


[Keynote: Revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience.]


The New Moon is closely conjunct Uranus and the Asteroid Goddess Juno in the middle degrees of Aries (Cardinal-Fire). This fiery New Moon squares Jupiter at 12 Cancer (Cardinal-Water) and Pluto at 14 Capricorn (Cardinal-Earth). In the early hours of April 2, the Sun moves into an exact conjunction with Uranus; the days between March 30-April 2 will be intense.

As Juno is joined with Uranus at this New Moon, look for unexpected developments in relationships, particularly romantic partnerships; emotions will be over the top (Jupiter in Cancer), minds will change, what was over, may now have a second chance, those who thought everything was fine, may have their world turned upside down. Be prepared for ANYTHING TO HAPPEN.

Roller2Mercury is traveling through Pisces (Mutable-Water) and is close to Chiron, the Wounded Healer. There will be much communication of feelings (Mercury/Chiron trine Jupiter in Cancer) and processing painful situations which will ultimately lead to bringing forth and healing deeply buried wounds of the Heart.

Mars in Libra (Cardinal-Air) is retrograde, as is Saturn in Scorpio (Fixed-Water). Mars provokes action and Saturn builds structures, be it of body or mind; with these two retrograde, there is an odd feeling to the transformative energies. There is a great deal of forward motion, yet there is an unsettled quality, we are afraid to take that big step, it does not feel like the right moment and we hesitate. Venus in Aquarius (Fixed-Air) trines Mars and squares Saturn. There is action, but restricted in some way, there is opportunity, but the center may not hold, and the structures may crumble under the grind of Transformation.

April will prove to be a challenging month for ALL OF US, stay grounded and centered. Remember that we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, those of us aware, and those not-so aware; keep your wits about you, stay calm and trust that you can handle anything that comes your way.

Hang on-we are in for a wild ride this Eclipse Season. 

As always, Stay in Your Heart…




In Love & Light,


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