September 8, 2014 : Pisces Full Moon : COSMIC


It has  been a long while since my last post, as my energy and attention have been focused on making a living.

I very much love writing about Astrology and the Sabian Symbols, and hope to soon return to writing posts on a regular basis.

Much has happened over the last several months, many startling events such as a Civilian Airliner shot down by separatist rebels, and the bodies laying in an open field for days; a radical faction in Iraq pillaging entire villages, to their most recent vicious executions of two Western journalists; an entity with the strangely chosen name an acronym of an ancient Egyptian Goddess of fertility and motherhood. ISIS in its modern patriarchal form is an entity hellbent on destruction and death.

The Full Moon takes place on Monday September 8th, the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces. As Chiron (the Wounded Healer) and Neptune (the Electric Blue Sea of Spirit) are both transiting Pisces, and Venus (LOVE) is in Virgo under the rays of the Sun; the energy of pulling in the higher energies of cosmic consciousness and healing are available to all of us. We only have to open our hearts, which in essence expands our consciousness.

The video below reveals new information about the known Universe and our place within. As we get caught up in our daily lives, the pettiness, the mundane, the witness to radical fanaticism whose narrow consciousness seeks only anger and hate in the name of God.

Let us remember there is so much more out there. So much to be known and explored. So much Love and Light to overcome the Darkness.

Laniakea: Immeasurable Heaven

For more information about our PALE BLUE DOT.

As always, Stay in Your Heart…




In Love & Light,


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