March 16, 2014: Virgo Full Moon: SERVICE

Fly, Fly Away

As the Sun joins Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, a plane goes missing over the sea, an apt image that exemplifies the Neptunian/Piscean energy of this lunar cycle. Mysterious, shrouded in secrecy, possible terrorism, possibly it was way off course when it disappeared from radar.

The smoke and mirrors continue in our government, it seems as though one of the biggest defenders of the NSA surveillance did not like it when her computers were spied on? Uranus/Pluto square continuing to bring to light what is hidden and obscured by the cloak and dagger antics of the CIA, yes Senator Feinstein, its always different when it happens to you…

The energies this month are strange, these are strange days, things don’t feel quite right, they, whoever they are keep telling us the economy is getting better, things are picking up, yet it does not feel this way…open your eyes and look around.

The dream of humanity, when are we going to wake up?  Caught up in the ego of materialism, things are more important than qualities…how it looks always more important than substance.

The Full Moon on March 16, 2014 mirrors the Full Moon of September 19, 2013. What was happening in your life then? And how does it relate to what is happening now?


The Sabian Symbol for the FULL MOON on March 16, 2014

[Keynote: The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution.]

He must learn to serve, humbly and with intense attention, in what as yet is beyond his spiritual understanding. He learns to perform every action superpersonally. He learns to PRACTICE IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD.

As the Sabian Symbols are symbolic in essence, the priest and altar boy are metaphors for service, mindfulness; to know and understand on some level there is a presence in the universe much greater than ourselves, a presence so unfathomable, yet so subtle that to receive even the smallest glimpse, we must pay attention. We must be here, be present in all moments of our lives.

No matter where you and what you are doing, and no matter how small or insignificant the task: be conscious, be mindful, pay attention, be present.

The Sun in Pisces (Mutable-water) trines Saturn Rx in Scorpio (Fixed-water), providing us with emotional support from our network of friends and family. Unconditional Love is a wonderful gift, let us all aspire to this in all our endeavors. Let go of judgment and accept the flaws in ourselves and the ones we love. Move through the world with Grace and acceptance of all our encounters and with all those we come in contact with everyday.

True Service seeks no reward.

Mars Rx travels back through Libra (Cardinal-Air), and is joined by the North Node, Vesta, and Ceres (in early Scorpio), they are all retrograde. The Sun and Mars (and those traveling with him) form an inconjunct aspect, this means adjustments of some sort are in play. Where are we making adjustments in our life? Relationships? Partnerships? Jobs? Home?

Mercury is in direct motion moving through the late degrees of Aquarius (Fixed-Air) and at this Full Moon is in the 29th degree, a Karmic degree. Perhaps information will come to light at this Full Moon to change something important to us, or perhaps to all of us.

Venus, the LightBringer travels through Aquarius, filtering the Rays of the New Age, the Age of Brotherhood, Enlightenment, and Understanding that we are All One, we are all aspects of Love, in its many guises.

Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Cancer are forming a T-Square, and though not exact, the energies are still in play, and we are feeling the transformation.

This will be an intense Full Moon, a precursor of the intensely transformative energies that await in the April Eclipse Season.

Hold on and let go! It’s a paradox and a riddle, its life on Planet Earth!

As always, Stay in Your Heart…




In Love & Light,


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