September 19, 2013: Full Moon in Pisces: ARE WE THERE YET?

Hubble Archive, NASA, ESA – Processing: Stephen Byrne


The intensity of energy continues, at times it may feel as though we are gripped in the jaws of a vise. It tightens, then loosens, and tightens again, as we confront our collective and personal shadows.

On the upside, it appears the US has opted for diplomacy instead of violence in response to chemical weapons used in Syria; an important victory for a Peaceful resolution in response to a horrific crime.

The image this week, is a massive star in the Constellation of Puppis, it is a Cepheid (pulsating star) designated by Astronomers as one of the most important stars in the heavens. Because of its size and brightness, it sets the scale in measuring cosmic distances. The star is known as RS Pup, and is unique in that it is a pulsating star surrounded by a nebula; varied light bursts from the star echo off the nebula, and are called Light Echoes.

RS Pup is the only Cepheid to be embedded in a large nebula [2], which is made of very fine dust that reflects some of the light emitted by the star.

Because the luminosity of the star changes in a very distinctive pattern, the presence of the nebula allows the astronomers to see light echoes and use them to measure the distance of the star. EOS

We could look at this star from another angle and note the brilliant White Light it sends into the darkness of the Universe. It is indeed a way of measuring distance, but perhaps of a different kind. Earth is said to still be in the dark ages of materialism; and humans, arrogantly believing themselves to be the only intelligent life in the entire Universe are immersed in the pettiness of material life, never really thinking about what might exist beyond this planet. Perhaps the brilliant Light from this massive star will send Echoes of Light into our Hearts and Minds and expand our awareness and consciousness to reach into the distant unknown that lies beyond planet Earth.

Royalty is a quality of one’s Character, not a jeweled crown.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at the FULL MOON on September 19, 2013:

[Keynote: The ability to carry on a revered tradition in order to perpetuate cultural standards of excellence.]


The Sabian Symbol for the MOON at the FULL MOON on September 19, 2013:

[Keynote: The light of fulfillment that blesses work well done.]

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon could not be more appropriate, the September Full Moon, is the Harvest Moon.

What has come to fruition in your life?

The Full Moon occurs in the late degrees of Virgo/Pisces and is not directly aspected to any other planets. However, Full Moons tend to amp up the energy of everything, and during this Full Moon the strongest energy in play is the Triple Conjunction of Saturn, Venus and the North Node at 9 Degrees Scorpio (Fixed-Water). The exact conjunction occurs on September 18th, however the energy of this conjunction will be greatly amplified by the Full Moon. Saturn represents the Senex, and older people, Venus represents the Feminine, and Love, and the North-Node represents turning points, or connections. As noted in last week’s post this is a significant Karmic configuration; when the Nodes are prominent by progression or transit, there is usually some kind of a crossroads or turning point in our lives, or we connect with someone who becomes a very important and permanent part of our future (North-Node), this person may play a significant part in changing our direction in life.

Mars in Leo (Fixed-Fire) squares the Triple Conjunction of Saturn, Venus and the North Node in Scorpio, calling us to action!

Also in play at the Full Moon, Jupiter in Cancer (Cardinal-Water) forms an exact square to Mercury in Libra (Cardinal-Air) prompting emotional communication about relationships. With the Moon in Watery Pisces, emotions are further amplified, and communication may be felt as very intense and overly emotional, just remember to stay grounded. The SUN, with Asteroid Goddesses, Ceres and Vesta are all traveling through Virgo (Mutable-Earth); use their energy to stay grounded and nurture yourself and those around you. There is no energy more powerful on Planet Earth than the Light of our SUN.

As this Full Moon week unfolds, shine your Light out into the world, and watch it Echo and Amplify those around you, and those around them, and those around them….Echoes of Light, Echoes of Love.




As always, Stay in Your Heart…

In Love & Light,


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