August 20, 2013: Aquarius Full Moon: Love Is All That Matters – Part 2

(The second Full Moon Lunation in Leo/Aquarius, occurs on August 20, 2013 and is known as an Astrological Blue Moon)DrKing

We live on an interesting planet; to say the least…

If you have a chance, go see The Butler. A poignant and stark reminder of racial, social, economic, educational and class divisions, this film encompasses an extreme time in US history, yet many of us continue to endure these divisions throughout our lives.

Spirit imparts to us, there are no such divisions in the higher planes of consciousness, that indeed we are all the same, we are all one, we are Light; and judgment, if it exists at all, relates to who we are on the inside.

But this is not the way on planet Earth; how you look, where you live, how much $ you have, consigns us to the appropriate strata of existence and division. For the most part, here on Earth, even though scientists say we are essentially all made of the same stuff, we are still operating from a tribal consciousness; if you are not of our tribe, do not look like us, believe what we believe, know what we know (how many things, the list is endless) you are different, are other-ness, are a threat and are to be feared.

In all honestly, I have never in my life understood this. Why is humanity so fearful of the differences among itself?  If this did not cause so much pain and grief, it would almost be comical.

One of the major astrological signatures of the 1960’s was the Uranus/Pluto Conjunction in Virgo, this was in essence a radical point on the spectrum of time for the evolution of consciousness to make a big jump, and jump it did. We now find ourselves in the first quarter square of this cycle (2012-2015), Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, thus offering the energy to create another jump in consciousness. Is this happening? Or has there been only more violence, more division, more hatred, as ideologies conflict, as the class gap widens (Arab Spring, Occupy Wall street), darkness proliferates and…where is the Love, Empathy, Compassion, Inclusiveness…?

We are all the same, no matter the color of skin, dollars in the bank, position in society, male, female, we are all the same, we are all from Light and to Light we shall return, regardless of religion, atheism, whatever deity we choose to identify with, or none at all, WE ARE ALL ONE.

Treat others with kindness, compassion and respect, everyone you come in contact with everyday.

The Blue Full Moon occurs in the Fixed Signs of Leo/Aquarius on August 20, 2013.

Sabian Symbol for the SUN at this Full Moon:

[The stage at which an intense feeling-intuition rising from the unconscious is about to take form as conscious thought.]


Sabian Symbol for the MOON at this Full Moon:

[The capacity to utterly transform the character of one’s consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon.]

This Full Moon occurs in the very last degrees of Leo/Aquarius, thus bringing a culmination and ending of some type in our lives. The Moon in Aquarius is in close proximately to Neptune in early Pisces, and elucidates the issues of understanding that we Are All One, from the primordial ocean of vibrant, blue light, we emerge and form our unique manifestations of Light in all magnificence.

Honor and celebrate the differences of all beings!

Mars continues to navigate the waters of Cancer, as Saturn continues through the waters of Scorpio and Neptune floats through Pisces, there is still much emotional energy in our midst; Venus has recently arrived in Libra, the sign most associated with relationships. As the Ruler of Libra, Venus is very much at home here, and concerned with partners, beauty, balance, fairness and justice. As the Goddess of Love moves quickly through the heavens, on August 26, 27 she will (along with Jupiter in Cancer) further activate the Uranus/Pluto square creating a Cardinal Grand Cross, and with Jupiter and Venus in the mix, calls for Justice, Equality, Love, Compassion and Forgiveness, will be heard.

As this most interesting week unfolds, with endings, new beginnings and unexpected events, stayed grounded in the solid center of the Heart, connected to Spirit, The Universe, Love.




As always, Stay in Your Heart…

In Love & Light,


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