May 20 2013 Uranus Square Pluto Exact: YOU WILL FEEL IT!

May 20, 2013: 3:21 pm PDT: Uranus Square Pluto Exact

Much has besquareen written about these two outer planets and the epic changes they will herald from 2012 to 2015.

A brief prelude: During the mid 60’s, Uranus and Pluto were in conjunction(essentially when viewed from Earth’s perspective they occupied the same zodiac degree(s) traveling in Virgo). The conjunction lasted for a few years due to retrograde motion and the very long orbital periods of the outer planets.

We all know our recent history and that the 60’s were a time of cultural revolution. Peace, Not War, Drop Out, Love In. This was a time of social revolution and as they called it in those days, consciousness raising. And consciousness did rise and we as a whole became more aware and things did change. Much changed in our culture, most of all an awareness of the other, of differences and that differences could be embraced and celebrated instead of feared and scorned.

Fast Forward 50 Years

On Monday May 20, 2013 Uranus/Pluto will form a second exact Square. In terms of the Lunation Cycle Uranus and Pluto are in their first quarter square; a waxing, building aspect. The first quarter square symbolizes a time of crisis, of overcoming obstacles in one’s path. What are the obstacles encountered on our collective path toward the evolution of consciousness? There are many.

On Monday afternoon the Moon crosses the Aries Point in Libra (Cardinal Air); as She guides us through the evening and into the next day, the energy intensifies and She brings the Uranus/Pluto Square to an exact T-Square very early on Tuesday Morning.

Also on Tuesday, our beautiful Sun in early Gemini, connects with the North Node in Scorpio. The North Node is a point of intersection, crossing paths, associations. The North and South Nodes are associated with Spirit, and fated events. Pluto and Scorpio energy are also related to fated events; those events which take place that are beyond our control, and as always it is more important in how we meet our fate, than the actual event that takes place.

Notice what is happening in your life during this time; pay attention, be mindful, be present with where you are and who you are with. Still your mind and stay in your heart.

The square will be felt more intensely by some due to natal configurations. But it will affect us all.
Change is many times a painful thing because we do not want to let go of what we know, even though we may have outgrown long ago.

Notice changes in your energy, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Notice others, have compassion with those in distress, sometimes all that is needed to calm someone is a kind word, a smile, a simple acknowledgement that you “get” where they are at, it is amazing what these small gestures can do, if only we pay attention.


In Love and Light!


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