August 28, 2013: Gemini Last Quarter Moon: FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES

dreams of youAs we forgive those who trespass against us…

Forgiveness is a somewhat difficult subject to address for many of us.

How do we forgive horrific events that are so extreme they leave a permanent scar on the psyche of Humanity; 9/11, The Holocaust, The Killing Fields, American Slavery…to name but a few.

Or, on a more personal level, the wound left on our Soul after a lover’s betrayal, violence against us or someone we love, the pain of humiliation?

What about the myriad of ways we hurt each other everyday; petty jealousies, snarky remarks, and in our busy, hurried days, our impatience and dismissiveness of other’s concerns or feelings…

Forgiveness is a difficult issue to address on many levels. Long ago, a friend who had suffered through much abuse, felt that by forgiving the person(s) who has violated us, we are dismissing the act, condoning it in some way; this is an understandable and valid concern. However, the Act of Forgiving does not excuse harm inflicted, force reconciliation, or demand that we remain in a situation that is not healthy for us. Forgiveness releases US from the energetic imprint of the moment(s) in which we were harmed, it releases the negative energy, and the ties that bind us through this harmful act to the perpetrator, and frees us.

This is not to say that when we choose to forgive, the pain vanishes instantly or forever. Forgiveness comes in waves like Love or Grief, it is a process; at times anger and pain overwhelm us and other times, we understand the pain of the perpetrator and why they did what they did, and have compassion. And somewhere in this process we find that when we are experiencing more compassion than pain, we know we are healing.

Is it possible to change the world by Forgiveness, starting with ourselves and each and every person we come in contact with everyday? A kind of pay it forward with forgiveness in addition to kind acts? Is this possible in a world with so much fear, so much violence and so many complex issues, could it be this basic?

Spirit imparts to us we have FREE WILL on planet Earth, and we have a choice to harm or not harm, it also means we have a choice to forgive or not forgive. These choices and lessons are ours and ours alone, however, how we choose affects us all.

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.”
-Alexander Pope

To forgive is indeed divine, and we have much assistance along the way, all we have to do is open our eyes, be present, and pay attention.

Sabian Symbol for the SUN at the Last Quarter Moon:

KEYNOTE: The opening of new levels of consciousness.

Sabian Symbol for the MOON at the Last Quarter Moon:

KEYNOTE: The explosive tendency for repressed feelings and root emotions.

This week the Heavens provide us with the energy to choose Forgiveness when facing challenging events, both collective and personal. At this Last Quarter Moon, Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer will activate the Uranus/Pluto square creating a Cardinal Grand Cross. As Venus is the fastest moving planet in this configuration, she is the focal point, the catalyst for action. The energy of Libra is Cardinal-Air, and Air represents communication; Libra is concerned with Relationships, Justice, and Equality. As Venus is the Ruler of Libra, her energy is very strong at this Lunation. And with Jupiter in Cancer (Cardinal-Water), and the Moon in Gemini (Mutable-Air), communication about feelings will be explosive.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is in Scorpio (Fixed-Water) and squares the Asteroid Goddess, Juno in Aquarius; Juno, known as the Queen of Heaven is associated with committed relationships; she also represents victims and in the sign of Aquarius (Fixed-Air), she is our social conscience, and concerned with Humanitarian efforts. This square aspect will bring much discussion of Justice for victims of last week’s chemical attack in Syria, unfortunately, it may also bring more violence.

The Sun and Mercury are traveling through Virgo, providing us with the much needed Earth Element. The energy of Virgo (Mutable-Earth) will give the Light in our words substance and weight. And Neptune, exalted in Pisces offers further support in our practice of Forgiveness, as this is the energy most connected to Spirit, The Universe, Love.

If you have a moment, check out the Greater Good and Forgiveness Project, which delve deeper into the concept of Forgiveness.

And perhaps in living a life of Forgiveness, this is as close as we can come to experiencing true Grace, here on planet Earth.




As always, Stay in Your Heart…

In Love & Light,


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