August 14, 2013: Scorpio First Quarter Moon: In All of Us

inallofusThe Murky Waters of the Heart…

The past week the Leo New Moon has brought us several odd events…a man purposely drives a car onto a crowded sidewalk by the beach, another man, a family friend, abducts a young teenager from her home…

Despair and desire can manifest in sad, painful and strange ways.

Although these are horrific events, they are manifestations of the Heart, still. Be it misplaced, twisted love or to live a life so invisible, that the desire to be seen, to be acknowledged, one must create a horrible event.

When we cut through all the layers, of mind, ego, personality, status, this is what it boils down to, what all of us desire at the core; to be seen and loved. The Light energies that surround us, impart to us that we are always seen and always loved by Spirit. And as we move through the world with our Hearts full of this knowledge, as we meet all types of experiences, on some level we know this to be true.

But we are here on Gaia, in the physical world; we are here in density, and the desire for love and validation from the people around us, exists in all of us.

Romantic love and desire are particularly delicate waters to explore. When we come across that rare someone in the course of our life, who truly “lights” us up, we are grateful and cherish this gift.

An astrologer told me years ago, some people marry because it’s the right time in their life, some marry for security, some marry for children, but rarely do people marry their true love. I do not know if this is true or not, I do know matters of the heart are complex and not always easily understood. And right now the energies in play in the heavens, are most certainly stirring up matters of the Heart.

The August 2013 First Quarter Moon lands in the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio, squared to the Sun in Leo, matters of the Heart will intensify at this moon.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun on August 14, 2013:

[Keynote: Spirituality, in terms of training for service to mankind.]

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon on August 14, 2013

[Keynote: The socially accepted release of an individual’s or a group’s aggressive instincts.]

As the Sun continues to Filter the Rays of Leo (Heart), we find ourselves still immersed in the watery realms of emotion; Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Saturn, North Node and the Moon in Scorpio; intuition is available to help us navigate the waters of desire.

Leo and Scorpio are Fixed Signs, they want what they want, and desire can at times, override good judgment. Although the Fixed Signs have the staying power to get things done, flexibility is not their strong suit, and in essence this First Quarter Moon lends itself to intense emotions conflicted with the creative fires of the Heart.

Mercury, also moving through Leo, opposes Juno in Aquarius, promoting communication about relationships, all types of relationships, but predominately significant others; be prepared for a talk.

Jupiter in Cancer, is still in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, exposing what is underneath; interesting to note, there has been at least minimal discussion of curtailing the NSA surveillance programs. As Jupiter continues to move through Cancer activating the on-going Uranus/Pluto Square, it will come into an exact square to Uranus in Aries, the day after the next full moon (August 21), look to this time for unexpected events, both personal and collective, of some magnitude.

The Asteroid Goddesses, Vesta and Ceres continue through Leo, encompassing the Sun, and bringing forth concerns about nurturing and safety. Venus in Virgo continues to keep the fire in our Hearts grounded in the earthy realm.

As this lunation unfolds, move wisely within the Heart of your Desires, and stay connected to the solid center of the Heart, connected to Spirit, The Universe, Love.



As always, Stay in Your Heart…

In Love & Light,


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