June 16 2013: Virgo First Quarter Moon: DO YOU LOVE?


So far, this June has brought much grief to the world; protests in Turkey, continued atrocities in Syria, the persistent deterioration of Constitutional Rights for US citizens due to our government’s endless war on Terrorism…the NSA is LISTENING, and once it starts….

Then on June 7th, yet another mass shooting in Santa Monica CA. More gun violence, more senseless death.

I once read somewhere that the only way to change the world is through an internal, spiritual (not religious) change. That no matter how many calls for peace and reform and human rights, it needs to happen on a higher level if we truly want a peaceful world. Each of us individually must learn to reign in our egos, our propensity for anger, violence, and greed. We must become conscious of what we project onto others, and know this is truly within us.

Jim Peyton Copyright 2013

Earlier this week, one of the first Crop Circles of the season appeared in England. The two old guys who first perpetuated the hoax have long since retired. So I guess someone else has taken up the job, and quite the job it must be, considering the time and money it takes to tramp through crops, in the dark of night, all summer long. Perhaps it is a group of wealthy young people who are intent on bringing a message to the world, or perhaps the Circles are created by someone or something that is beyond our “narrow path” of understanding at the present time.

In any event, by Crop Circle standards the image I have posted, is nowhere near the complex, intricate and grand designs which usually bring such visual delight and interesting speculation of the intended message.

However, there is much to be found in the elegance of simplicity. And I believe the Circle Makers, whoever they may be, have sought to provide us with a much needed message at the moment.

Love. Compassion. Forgiveness.

The Sabian Symbol for Virgo First Quarter Moon on June 16:

[Keynote: The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution.]

He must learn to serve, humbly and with intense attention, in what as yet is beyond his spiritual understanding. He learns to perform every action superpersonally. He learns to PRACTICE IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD. (Rudhyar)

As the Sabian Symbols are symbolic in essence, the priest and altar boy are metaphors for service, mindfulness; to know and understand on some level there is a presence in the universe much greater than ourselves, a presence so unfathomable, yet so subtle that to receive even the smallest glimpse, we must pay attention. We must be here, be present in all moments of our lives.

No matter where you and what you are doing, and no matter how small or insignificant the task: be conscious, be mindful, pay attention, be present.

Have you ever thought about our place in the Universe, the actual location of our solar system? Our cosmic home is a Spiral Galaxy, called the Milky Way. Our solar system resides in one of the spiral’s outer arms, known as the Orion Arm or Spur. At the center of the Milky Way lies the Galactic Center (26 Sagittarius). This is the “Sun” of our Sun, and our solar system rotates around this center just as the Earth and other planets rotate around our Sun. The Milky Way Galaxy is part of a Group of Galaxies that astronomers call the “Local Group” and this Group of Galaxies is drifting (being pulled by intense gravitational forces) towards an enormous galaxy call the Virgo Super Cluster.

Think on the enormity of this for a moment.

As the Gemini New Moon energy moves into the Virgo First Quarter Square, the Sun and Jupiter in Gemini are in the same degree as the fixed star Polaris (27-28 Gemini) our celestial North Pole, the Still Point in the Heavens, The One who shows us the Way. As Jupiter is associated with the expansion of Knowledge and the Sun is the Light of our world, pay attention to what is happening on this day; new understanding and heightened awareness are possible.

The other configuration at this First Quarter Moon, which supports new awareness, is Chiron Retrograde in Pisces, in a harmonious  exchange (Trine) with the Moon’s North Node, currently traversing the intense emotions of Scorpio. I have mentioned the Nodes before as points of intersection, connections made, or turning points in one’s life. The North Node is symbolic of our Spiritual North, it represents that which we strive to learn in this life, what we reach for, on a soul level.

Chiron (half comet/half planetoid) is associated with the sign of Sagittarius, for he is a Centaur (half man/half horse), and his father was Jupiter(Ruler of Sagittarius). Although rejected by his father at birth, he was hidden away, nurtured and became a great teacher and healer. Chiron’s gift to humanity is the aspect of wounding, and the ability to heal that wound, in others. We all are wounded in some way and in this experience learn to develop empathy and compassion. And because we understand and empathize with other’s pain, we are then able, if we choose, to help heal their wounds, in whatever ways we are gifted.

When we heal others, we also heal ourselves.

On this day there is much support from the heavens for understanding and healing, as wounds are brought to the Light of Consciousness by Jupiter and the Sun. When wounds are brought into awareness we can work through them, we can process, we can heal and LET GO.

It is interesting to note this Virgo First Quarter Moon occurs on Father’s Day…

Mars and Pallas Athena continue to travel together in Gemini, and support this message of healing, filtering the Rays of Gemini(the Mind) with lightening speed, and intuitive flashes of knowing.

And on this day, Venus and Mercury remain in the watery realms of emotion in Cancer. Wounds realized and brought forth into consciousness bring forth intense emotions, and Mercury in Cancer helps us to understand these emotions. And Venus; VENUS IS LOVE.


And as always,

Stay in your Heart

In Love & Light,


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