Hummingbird Energy


Hummingbird Crop Circle, 2009, Wiltshire UK

May 18th, 2013

I dreamed of Hummingbirds last night.

There is perhaps no other creature more associated with Great Spirit than Hummingbird. Many cultures have recognized this from the Mesoamerican Quetzalcoatl to Native Americans, to…

Hummingbird is associated with Polaris(Gemini 28) the star which currently resides at our Celestial North Pole. The heavens rotate around Polaris, the still point in the heavens which does not move. For centuries sailors have used this as a point of navigation, this is the one who shows us the way.

Whenever Hummingbird energy shows up in the flesh or in dreamtime, there is great Spiritual energy in play. And one knows they are being guided and given messages by a force much greater than anything we “know” in this world.  Most times the energy of Spirit is subtle, you have to pay attention, you have to listen, you have to calm the chatter in your mind, turn off your smart phone, close down face book, and most of all shut down the ego.

Take a walk in a park, go out in nature and sit by a tree, stand on the shores of a lake, river or the ocean, visit a botanical garden and wonder at flowers, flowers, really what a gift these be.

Be still, just for a moment connect with the energy of our North Star, Polaris, and be the still point as the world spins around you.


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