May 31, 2013: Last Quarter Square Moon: WALK ON.

Our thoughts, love and support are directed to Norman Oklahoma, as they recover and rebuild from devastheartation and loss, wreaked by the massive power of Mother Nature. We mourn for the loved ones lost and send love and peace to those in pain, that they may find solace in their hearts following their grief.

The last few weeks have brought us intense energies, which some of us have felt more acutely than  others. Although we are past the exact Uranus/Pluto square, we are still in the midst of their influences, and the energies are still in play.

First and Last Quarter Moons are often as powerful as New and Full Moons, they are generally not given as much attention, however their influence is felt, most certainly just as the New and Full Moon.

On Friday, May 31, we experience this Lunation Cycle’s Last Quarter Square Moon, which began with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on May 9th 2013. Our beautiful Sun continues through Gemini, with the lovely Moon in Pisces (Mutable-Water). It has been an eventful month, on many levels. Last Quarter Moons are concerned with reflection and re-evaluation, something that is ending.

What have learned from this cycle?

What do we hold on to and what to we let go of?

The Sabian Symbol for the Last Quarter Moon on May 31 :

[Keynote:  The capacity inherent in every individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to a transcendent realm of reality.]

The Path is always open to the pure in heart, the mentally aware, the conqueror of emotions and the spiritually self-mobilized.

Man is always making and remaking. He can always go further, reach beyond. But he has to take the first step. Someone can show him the Path, but he alone must do the walking. Thus the Zen injunction:

Here our beautiful Moon guides us as she filters the Rays of Pisces, ruled by Neptune. Neptune symbolizes the highest level of faith. Pisces/Neptune represent the sea of spirit, unconditional love; an ocean of brilliant light filled with colors both electric and subtle.

May 25, Conjunction Jupiter, Venus, Mercury in Atwater CA. Photo by Richard Sears

Pisces is the sign of faith, hope, forgiveness, and great, great Spirit.

The Sun, Venus and Jupiter continue to filter the Rays of Gemini, and Mercury has moved into Cancer (Cardinal-Water), which has us thinking of home, comfort, Mother and Great Mother; Gaia, which provides us our life, our sustenance, Earth.

On the very day of this Last Quarter Moon, Mars arrives in Gemini and all communique will be heating up. Mars always activates and now he offers support to the Moon and her message of Illumination by activating the Sabian Symbol for the first degree of  Gemini:


[Keynote:  The revelation of unconscious energies and submerged psychic structures.]

This Last Quarter Moon, along with several planets in Gemini, emphasizes the mutable element in our psyches, predominantly air and water. Air is communication and Water is emotion, and mutable quality suggests changes, flexibility, or indecision. What are you communicating about this day and what emotions are in play?

Saturn in Scorpio connects with an easy exchange to Neptune in Pisces(As Neptune is the ruler of  Pisces and is in Exaltation, it brings forth the strongest understanding of its energy during this time). As Saturn traverses the deep emotional realms of Scorpio (Fixed-Water), it brings us the opportunity to be aware of what is underneath; this connection lends itself to our deeper understanding or Illumination.

And finally Pluto from the darkest part of our solar system supports the Moon in her message of Illumination, Pluto is an adept at bringing to light what has lived outside the known realm and in the darkness for so long.

We only have to pay attention.

And remember as always,  Stay in your Heart.

In Love & Light!


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