JUNE 8, 2013: Gemini New Moon: DO YOU SEE IT?

Mirror, Mirror

M. J. S. Ferrier photographed the electric-blue ripples from Barassie Beach in Troon, Scotland

Tradition holds us in many ways. What traditions do you hold? Have you pondered that which is still useful and that which you can you let go of? What is no longer essential to your path of evolution? To your soul growth? Sometimes we have no choice in the matter of what to let go of; but if we pay attention, sometimes we do.

This week we are in Dark of the Moon time.

Dark of the Moon carries the energy of the Last Quarter Moon (May 31) while building toward the New Moon (June 8), as we move through our days, energy ebbs and flows.

A good analogy for how the energies of the Moon affect us, are the ocean tides; the tides are in continual motion, the water moves over the sand, then recedes, tides are high, then low, the process cycles through the days, since time immemorial.

As the Moon guides the tides on our planet, so she guides the tides within us.

The sea can rage with energy and motion, or be so calm it appears like glass. In this way we understand how the Moon affects our energies, moods and emotions. When we become more conscious we have a choice of how to deal with the energies affecting us. We can choose to be proactive, conscious, and aware; instead of reactive, unconscious, and operating solely on instinct.

Instinct in much different than Intuition and sometimes it is difficult to discern between the two.

June’s New Moon is at 18.01 degrees of Gemini. Degrees are very important in Astrology, and the degree of the New Moon relates to both18-19th degree of the Sabian Symbols. For my post on this New Moon I have chosen to write about the 18th degree (breaking with tradition).

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon on June 8 2013:

[Keynote: The need for the mind to retain its independence from its physical environment in order to concentrate on its special problems.]

This third stage of the process reveals what may occur when the individual has developed new capacities for experience that my enable him to tap the vast reservoir of the planetary mind of Man. To the common man he appears to speak a foreign language. (Rudhyar)


Have you ever felt as though you were speaking a different language and no one understood you? We have all experienced this, feeling alienated at one time or another, in some places more so than others.

As the Sun and Moon join together they begin yet another cycle of energy, this time Filtering the Rays of Gemini. The Twins are symbolic of Gemini (Mutable-Air) and relate to communication, language and thought processes. And… Duality, for here we are faced with our mirrors, black and white, yin and yang, male and female, the other and the other in all of us.

This New Moon in Gemini is in an exact and easy exchange (trine) with the Asteroid Goddess, Juno. Our lovely Juno is currently traversing the Rays of Aquarius, the energy of the New Age; energy of Enlightenment…Juno was the Queen of Heaven and represents committed relationships. She was married to the King of the Gods, our favorite benefactor, Jupiter. Jupiter is also at play here as he is a few degrees further into Gemini, and also trines the lovely Juno, thus promoting an ease of communication with our partners and lovers.

Mars continues through early Gemini and is joined by Pallas Athena, another Asteroid Goddess prominent in this lunation. Pallas Athena is the most cerebral of the Asteroid Goddesses, as is her birthright; she was sprung from the forehead of Jupiter fully formed and ready for battle. Pallas Athena is known by the Roman name of Minerva, and is associated with wisdom and intuition, justice and fairness.

She is comfortable in the sign of Gemini, a sign of the mind and of acquiring and disseminating information. Mars, with Pallas Athena at his side continues to activate and bring forth new connections, communication, and new ways of thinking about relationships.

Venus and Mercury are traveling together in Cancer (Cardinal – Water), here they seek to experience love, comfort and nurturing. These feelings will be with us for several weeks as Mercury stations Retrograde on June 26, and does not return to forward motion until July 20. We will spend much time in June and July thinking, feeling and communicating about these issues.

So what does all this mean? Possibly, new and wonderful connections; much thinking and communicating about relationships, specifically committed relationships and there are many different kinds of committed relationships. Aquarius (Fixed-Air) represents the Age of Brotherhood and Sisterhood, and is concerned with what is Just and Fair for all beings. Juno in Aquarius is much concerned with fairness in relationships. And in Gemini, Mars with Pallas Athena are communication strategists, activists, their voice WILL BE HEARD.

With so many planets Filtering the Rays of Gemini, all of the energies in play at this New Moon are conducive to new ways of thinking about our relationships and the way we define ourselves in relationships, and what is fair?

How do we love, how do we want to be loved? ­­

Use the energy of this Gemini New Moon to Break with Tradition, LET GO of the old baggage and think of new ways to communicate. BE MORE CONSCIOUS with others, especially our significant others (our mirrors), for they are our greatest teachers and we are theirs.

And although at times it does feel as though men and women are speaking a different language; patience, kindness, and understanding can be magical. Just for a moment step outside of desire, and listen, really listen with your Heart. The language of the Heart transcends the mind. Although the mind guides us, the Heart KNOWS; find discernment with The Mind, Trust your Heart, and Let Go of Fear. The Heart knows your greatest good; your path on the evolution of consciousness.

And perhaps when you start speaking a different language some people will listen and try to understand you.

In Love & Light


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