February 14, 2014: Aquarius Full Moon: BE MINE


The Sabian Symbol for the  FULL MOON on February 14, 2014:


[Keynote: The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle.]


It appears there are many games in play at this Aquarian Full Moon. The much anticipated Winter Olympics in Russia, Venus/Mars dance of Valentines Day, and the game of the ever shifting influx of energies, that appears to be changing the game of reality entirely.

On February 6th Mercury stationed retrograde in Pisces (Mutable-Water), very close to Neptune. Neptune as the Ruler of Pisces is exalted here, and at its most powerful. As we have learned Neptune and Pisces are associated with glamour, smoke and mirrors, illusions, drugs (altered states of reality), foggy thinking and is not the most effective energy for astute decision making. Massive extermination of dogs in Sochi, strange rumors of conspiracy about collusion between Olympic athletes, and our beloved Philip Seymour Hoffman who died of a drug overdose on February 2nd.

As reality continues to shift around us and in us, the ebb and flow of energy increases and recedes. Neptune (Pisces) is the sea of Electric Blue Consciousness, and its energy seeks a higher level of expression. When traveling with Mercury, (the planet associated with our thought process and communication) in the brutal reality of Planet Earth, bad decisions abound. Mercury will back into Aquarius on February 12th, and at this Valentine Full Moon, will be within 1 degree of its placement at the New Moon on January 30th.

What was happening in your life at this last New Moon that relates to this week? What decisions were made, plans put forth, people met?

What games are you playing?

As Valentines Day is upon us the romantic dance is in full force, and usually this is the arena where we can make the worst mistakes, or as some would say, working out our Karma, or working out our projections. Whatever the case may be, it is most certainly the arena, where illusion, driven by desire, runs rampant.

What can we do? When desire enters our realm, it is difficult to remain rational and make well thought out decisions.

The Soul desires….

“Most of us are pawns in a game of love we don’t understand.”
~ Leo F. Buscaglia

The Sabian Symbol for this Valentine Full Moon speaks to new beginnings and opportunities.

What do the planets say?

As already mentioned above, The Sun and Mercury at 27-28 Aquarius (Fixed-Air) are traveling together and are Trine Mars at 27 Libra (Cardinal-Air). This aspect supports new beginnings and action in relationship. However, the Sun/Mercury is also square to Saturn at 24 Scorpio (Fixed-Water) so the action we desire might not go exactly as we want; in other words there will restrictions on our desire. Saturn in the Traditional Ruler of Aquarius, and as such, his energy is very strong at this Full Moon.

Venus in Capricorn (Cardinal-Earth) has blessed us with direct motion, however she is widely square to Mars in Libra, this may present further difficulty in the dance of romance at this Valentine Full Moon.

Uranus at 11 Aries (Cardinal-Fire) is close to an exact square with Jupiter at 12 Cancer (Cardinal-Water), expect some surprises as well!

And finally, the transiting Nodes of the Moon will change signs on February 18th.  The transiting North-Node has been in Scorpio (Fixed-Water) and South-Node has been in Taurus (Fixed-Earth) for the past 18 months. The Nodes are connected to Karma, fated encounters, and turning points. For the past 18 months, resources and intense emotional struggles have been in play. As the Nodes travel backward through the Zodiac, the North Node will move into Libra and the South Node into Aries. The upcoming Lunar Eclipse on April 15th will be very potent as it will occur close to the degree of the transiting Nodes.

As Scorpio/Taurus are fixed signs, there also may be a collective feeling of being stuck; in a job, relationship, or situation for the last two years. The energy of Aries/Libra is Cardinal (an initiating quality) and new beginnings and movement will abound…

As always, Stay in Your Heart…




In Love & Light,



1 thought on “February 14, 2014: Aquarius Full Moon: BE MINE

  1. Bad decisions indeed, two friends have committed suicide within the last 8 days. Yikes!

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