January 30, 2014: Aquarius New Moon: FULL STEAM AHEAD

Image Credit & Copyright: John Chumack


The Chinese New Year occurs on January 31, 2014, the day after the New Moon in Aquarius. What do the Ancestors proclaim for The Year of the Wood Horse?

2012 brought us The Year of the Water Dragon, and 2013, The Year of the Water Snake. Water is the element of emotion, internal, flowing, reflective and Yin. The Dragon and Snake represent transformation, what have the last two years transformed in your life? A good word to sum up the past few years: INTENSE

And now we enter the Wood element, associated with Yang, the male, active principle. As we all know wood comes from Trees; Tree are solidly connected to the earth, they are rooted, tall and strong. Every spring Trees bloom with new life, and when cut down, provide that which Fire needs to transform from the Material to the Ethereal. Horse symbolizes nobility, strength and grace in motion. Perhaps, Horse will bless us in 2014, with upward movement into a higher level of consciousness.

The image included in this post is the Horsehead Nebula, this celestial configuration is located in the constellation of Orion, The Hunter. Many of us are familiar with the very visible “Belt of Orion” in the Northern Hemisphere night sky. The Great Hunter is associated with fortitude, a quality that is apparent in our faithful friend, The Horse.

From the Constellation of Words:

Fortitude is a good word to fit the description Manilius gives in his astrological influences for Orion:
“Orion will fashion alert minds and agile bodies, souls prompt to respond to duty’s call, and hearts which press on with unflagging energy in spite of every trial.” [Manilius, Astronomica, p.305.]

An apt description of Horse Energy, let us strive for these qualities as we navigate this transformational year.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon on January 30, 2014:

[Keynote: The need to rely on inner inspiration and guidance at the start of new developments.]

This Aquarian New Moon sextiles Uranus in Aries (Cardinal-Fire). As Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius (Fixed-Air), this provides a double dose of Aquarian/Uranian energy. Aquarius as the sign of Enlightenment and Brotherhood, further emphasizes forward movement and progressive thinking.

There is a great deal of feminine energy in play at this New Moon as Venus and the Asteroid Goddesses are key figures.  As she slows down, readying herself to Station Direct on the day of the Chinese New Year, Venus is at her most powerful in conjunction with Pluto at 12-13 Capricorn (Cardinal-Earth) and they oppose Jupiter at 13 in Cancer (Cardinal-Water). Although Venus and Jupiter are benefic, and even in opposition bring benefits, as Pluto is involved, the energy of this aspect intensifies and brings up issues of jealousy, possession, concern over resources, and intense emotions. Let us use the energy of Venus in a positive manner as she changes to forward motion on January 31, and blesses the Year of the Horse with Love, Compassion and Empathy for ALL OF US.

Chiron at 12 Pisces (Mutable-Water) travels with Juno at 14 Pisces, and they oppose Pallas Athena at 11 Virgo. With the support of the Aquarian New Moon, this energy lends itself to innovative healing for those who are or have been victims. And we have all been victims at sometime in our lives, the key is to transmute the energy of victimization by owning our wounds and reclaiming our power; the power of Love, Forgiveness, Empathy and Compassion.

Chiron IS the Wounded Healer.

And Mars at 23 Libra (Cardinal-Air) travels with Vesta and Ceres, prompting action and communication of issues around nurturing and safety, possibly food safety issues. Also of note, between February, 6-14th Mars will be activating the degree of the Lunar Eclipse (26 Libra) occurring on April 15th, 2014. This will be a potent Lunar Eclipse, and due to Retrograde Motion, Vesta and Ceres will occupy the same degree at this New Moon and the Lunar Eclipse Moon; pay attention to events in your life during this time, especially with angles or planets at 25-26 degree of the Cardinal signs.

Mercury occupies the last degree of Aquarius at this New Moon; the 29th degree of any sign is a Karmic degree, and Mercury will retrograde back over this degree during the February 14th Full Moon, it will be within 1 degree exact of its position at this Aquarius New Moon, this is significant, Pay Attention to what comes up for you on these days.

Use the energy of this Electric Blue, Aquarian New Moon and the Chinese New Year of The Horse to set something new in motion; small or large, do something different, something provocative, something original, something fun!

As always, Stay in Your Heart…




In Love & Light,


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