November 3, 2013: Scorpio Solar Eclipse: TRANSPARENCY

THE VEILS THINDreaming_Death_Lowres

All Hallows Eve, Samhain, and Day of the Dead, are ancient festivals, created long ago when humans were more connected to nature and the cycles and seasons of Gaia. These festivals occur during the in-between times, at the Cross Quarter Points. Cross Quarter Points are midpoints that fall between the Equinox and Solstices in the Fixed Signs; the Cross Quarter Points are in the middle degrees of the Fixed Signs and are said to be Power Points of the Zodiac (no correlation to the clunky Microsoft product). November’s Cross Quarter Point is 15 degrees Scorpio, and occurs between the Fall Equinox (Libra 0) and the Winter Solstice (Capricorn 0) floating through the days of late October through early November, the Sun contacts 15 degrees Scorpio, exact on Nov 6.

The Sun’s journey through Scorpio is an opportune time to celebrate, honor and contact departed loved ones; those who have continued their Spiritual journey to new realms after departing the Earth plane.

This is the time of year when the “veils” are more transparent between this world and other worlds, and we are able to experience all sorts of strange beings, otherness and odd energies. Interestingly, sometimes this also happens in this world, with people we have known for years…  As the energies continue to churn the collective shadow, at times it can bring out the monsters in all of us, the trick is to transmute this energy with no harm, to oneself or others. This is not always an easy thing for us to do, as we sometimes find ourselves in complex and untenable situations, just take a quick look at the News headlines.

Adding a little spice to this year’s sojourn through Scorpio, Mercury is moving backwards, in apparent retrograde motion, there is a Solar Eclipse on November 3, and one of the most intense astrological signatures of the decade, the 4th Uranus/Pluto Square, occurs on November 1, 2013.

As mentioned above, the News headlines are fraught with strange, violent incidents, as well as past events making a reappearance in the public eye (Mercury Retrograde brings past issues to light); a Boulder, Colorado Grand Jury had actually voted to charge JonBenet Ramsey’s parents with her death in 1996, the impending trial of Etan Patz’s murderer recently grabbed attention in New York City, and Ed Snowden and his revelations of the NSA Spy machine, just will not go away.

Once again breaking with astrological tradition, the Sabian Symbol for the Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse on November 3, 2013:

[Keynote: The deep concern of the social group for the safety of individuals.]

“A man risks his life to save another: this is love, based on a sense of responsibility produced by a vivid sense of interrelatedness.”

Humanity is drowning, we are sinking under the weight of our own shadow, with fear, hatred, arrogance, greed, oppression, and control. During this time of great change we have the opportunity to expand our consciousness, to move up the spiral to a higher state of being, to understand that WE ARE ALL ONE. But this involves work and conscious participation; we have the opportunity to move into heart-centered consciousness, the choice is ours…

Rise above; each and every one of us must do our part, no matter how small a space we occupy in the world, no matter what is happening in our lives.

There is much celestial activity occurring around the Solar Eclipse New Moon at 11-12 Degrees Scorpio. The Sun/Moon sextiles Mars in Virgo (Mutable-Earth) and Pluto in Capricorn (Cardinal-Earth). Earth energy provides us with tangible opportunities to change circumstances in our lives. Mercury RX at 8 Degrees Scorpio (Fixed-Water) is in an exact conjunction with the North-Node. Significant information from the past is brought to light. Someone from our past may reappear and change our direction in life, there is also possibility for serious miscommunication, as Eclipses always amplify energy.

Saturn at 14 Degrees Scorpio in very close to this Solar Eclipse and as the Lord of Karma, we now reap what we have sown. Cycles within cycles, what have you set in motion in your life?

Venus, at 28 Degrees Sagittarius (Mutable-Fire) conjuncts the Galactic Center; pay attention to Intuition and synchronicities, be still and listen to the inner voice, use the energy of Mars in Virgo to discern true Intuition from desires of the mind.

And finally, Jupiter in Cancer (Cardinal-Water) Stations Retrograde on November 6th, a few days following the Solar Eclipse, Mercury the Trickster, Stations Direct on November 10th, and Neptune in Pisces Stations Direct on November 13th. There will be much indecision and changing of minds, as the energies expand and contract, move forward, then stop in their tracks and reverse motion. We are in a swirling sea of energies, remember to stay grounded, be the still point in a turning world, and connect to the solid center of you, your Heart.

Honor the changing seasons, honor Gaia, honor life and death. Have fun this Halloween…




In Love & Light,


1 thought on “November 3, 2013: Scorpio Solar Eclipse: TRANSPARENCY

  1. I wanted to know the true date of Samhain this year. Your blog came up first in google. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and insight.

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