November 17, 2013: Taurus Full Moon: TYPHOON HAIYAN AND THE PLEIADES

M45: The Pleiades Star Cluster
Credit & Copyright: Roberto Colombari

“Water is the driving force in nature.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

On November 9, 2013 the First Quarter Moon occurred in Aquarius (Fixed-Air), squaring the Sun in Scorpio (Fixed-Water). This day produced a catastrophic Typhoon barreling in from the vast Pacific, and devastating the Philippines. We send Healing Energy and Love to this area, as they recover from massive devastation and loss of life.

The Typhoon occurred at the First Quarter Moon, the midpoint between the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 3 and Full Moon in Taurus on November 17. The Full Moon in Taurus will be in close proximity to The Pleiades.

The Pleiades is quite prominent in both hemispheres in the night sky; it is a beautiful Star Cluster located in the constellation of Taurus, and is composed of several prominent stars, sometimes called the Seven Sisters. There is much myth and lore from many cultures, surrounding this particular celestial configuration.

In Astrology, the Pleiades are known as fixed stars; various fixed stars have been used in charts since ancient times, in addition to the Sun, Moon and planets. Many associations of the fixed stars originate from the ancient worlds of China, and Saudi Arabia.

Known as “Rainy Stars”. They were also connected with traditions of the Flood found among widely separated nations.

 Another interpretation:

 The Pleiades causes bereavement, mourning, sorrows and tragedies. [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.39.]

In Esoteric literature the Pleiades are said to be very much connected to Earth and Humanity through telepathic communication, and much of this literature implies benevolent associations. It is an interesting juxtaposition to the Ancient’s perception of cruel and malevolent energy emanating from this Star Cluster.

There has been, and will be much celestial activity between the Solar Eclipse and Full Moon: we have the Sun and Saturn traveling through Scorpio (Fixed-Water), and Jupiter station Retrograde in Cancer (Cardinal-Water) on November 6, Neptune in Pisces (Mutable-Water) Station Direct on November 13, and Mercury in Scorpio (Fixed-Water) Station Direct on November 10, and the wounded healer Chiron also moving through Pisces; with so much celestial energy in the Water Element, this provided ample opportunity for a massive storm associated with the sea.

We can read the stars, and interpret the energies, but the more important question: What is the meaning of events such as these, and the subsequent massive loss of life and devastation?

How do we glean meaning from an event that appears so random and meaningless?

Do events such as these bring forth our humanity, as we empathize with the pain of those enduring so much loss and devastation?

The Sabian Symbol for the SOLAR ECIPSE on November 3, is quite significant in relation to Typhoon Haiyan:

[Keynote: The deep concern of the social group for the safety of individuals.]

“A man risks his life to save another: this is love, based on a sense of responsibility produced by a vivid sense of interrelatedness.”

Donating to the relief efforts will help, however, taking a moment from our busy lives and opening our hearts and CONSCIOUSLY sending Love and Healing Energy (Visualize the colors Green and Pink) to the people of the Philippines will help tremendously.

The Sabian Symbol for the SUN at the Taurus Full Moon on November 17 2013:

[Keynote: The ability to adjust swiftly to a new situation by tuning in to its requirements.]
The Sabian Symbol for the MOON at the Taurus Full Moon on November 17 2013:

[Keynote: The ritualization of individual desires.]

As already mentioned above, we have many planets traveling through the Element of Water at this Full Moon; the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces.

Although confusion will abound during the initial rescue efforts, Mars traveling through Virgo (Mutable-Earth), will offer a great deal of energy coordinating relief efforts, as Virgo is a Master of analysis and logistics. The Asteroid Goddess Pallas Athena, our strategist, has also just entered Virgo and will reinforce the efforts of Mars.

The Moon in Taurus (Fixed-Earth), will carry through and hold the energy of Mars to get the job done, Taurus is the Master of acquiring Resources, and this Moon will provide THE PEOPLE with what they need.

And Venus travels through Capricorn, close to Pluto, the God of Death and Destruction. Her conjunction with Pluto activates the ongoing, intensely transformational Uranus/Pluto square. Here with Venus, we must believe in the Power of Love and know that no one of us ever truly dies, but are transformed and continue our journey in a way, that we in this world, do not yet fully understand; we have Faith and in our Hearts know this to be true.

No one is ever truly lost ― Love is the continuum.




In Love & Light,


Help for Typhoon Haiyan victims

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