September 12, 2013: Sagittarius First Quarter Moon: JUST GAMING

Games People PlayGAMES

People play all kinds of games; athletic games, video games, role-play fantasy games, card games, lotto games, to name just a few…

This week’s First Quarter Moon lands in Sagittarius; here we have the Centaur with Arrow drawn, whether in the Hunt or merely for Sport, a lover of games indeed. Sagittarius is ruled by the greater benefic Jupiter, and is a gregarious, fun-loving, and adventurous energy.

Game of Thrones

And then there are the more intimate games we play with each other, the subtle shades of everyday interplay. All of us play, we must if we are in the world, it is the nature of humans. The animal kingdom is brutal, merciless, and instinctual; but it is basically straightforward, animals do not posses the sophistication of consciousness, for persuasion, guile, deception….

Some games are full of delight and harmless, other games are dark and mysterious, some involve complicated strategies, while others are more basic and intuitive; yet with all this in play, it is clear that not everyone is playing on a level field, has the same home field advantage(s), or perhaps is even playing the same game.

The key: some of us know it’s a game and some of us do not.

Is it possible to be more straightforward in our interactions? This would mean internal examination of our motives, and being more conscious and aware of our INTENTION in ALL interactions.

Would this help the world to be a better place?

Although, Sagittarius is known at times for being blunt, the honesty and forthrightness of this sign are excellent qualities for us to aspire to…the Archer aims his Arrow toward Heaven, reaching to elevate our consciousness to a higher level of Truth and Light!

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun on September 12, 2013:
[Keynote: Physical training as a means to inculcate the feeling of participation in a collective culture.]

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon on September 12, 2013:

[Keynote: The use of imagination and make-believe in anticipating higher stages of development.]

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
~Albert Einstein

This fiery first Quarter Moon in Sagittarius (Mutable-Fire), widely aspects Mars in Leo (Fixed-Fire) and Uranus in Aries (Cardinal-Fire), creating a Grand Fire Trine, providing us with exuberant, creative energy! And on September 14, 2013, the Trine between Mars and Uranus is exact; embrace the waxing energy of this week for creative, romantic, and innovative projects.

The Sun, with the Asteroid Goddesses, Ceres and Vesta are all in Virgo and ground our creative ideas in the physical world. Venus has recently arrived in Scorpio (Fixed-Water), and in this sign, she can bring out envy, jealousy, and lead us into romantic fixations, that can border on obsessive. Venus in Scorpio, may use her feminine charms to cajole, persuade, and manipulate to fulfill her emotional wants and needs. However, Venus is in a Trine with Neptune in Pisces, thus providing a higher level of energy and opportunity for healing and forgiveness. With the Trine from Neptune, Venus in Scorpio can heal deep, emotional wounds of past trauma, and transform the intense love nature of Scorpio into a more holistic, altruistic, and Heart-Centered Love.

Also in play at this First Quarter Moon is a significant Karmic configuration; Saturn and the North Node are both at 9 Degrees Scorpio, and on September 18, Venus will join Saturn, and the North Node, to form a Triple conjunction at 9 Degrees Scorpio. This is an interesting configuration; Saturn’s energy is typically felt as restrictive, cold, serious, but the Karmic implication of the North Node involved in this alignment throws us a curve-ball.  When the Nodes are prominent by progression or transit, there is usually some kind of a crossroads or turning point in our lives, or we connect with someone who becomes a very important and permanent part of our future (North-Node), this person may play a significant part in changing our direction in life.

Saturn is also very much involved in building strong, lasting bonds, and with Venus this can mean females or some type of blessing that may change our life. Traditionally a Venus/Saturn aspect would lend itself to a romantic connection between two partners with a great disparity in age. This could also bring up issues with a parent, or possibly a new member of the family.

Pay attention this week, note what is happening, and who you meet. The implications could have a far greater impact on one’s future than may be realized at the time.

Keep things on the up and up and point your Arrow to the Heavens. Be clear with your intentions and aim for the highest Truth and Light. LOVE and EQUALITY FOR ALL BEINGS!




As always, Stay in Your Heart…

In Love & Light,


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