August 6, 2013: Leo New Moon: MUSIC OF THE SPHERES

Image credit: Martin Pugh

Connective Dissonance and Music of The Spheres

Dissonance: Lack of agreement, consistency, or harmony; conflict; related to music: a simultaneous combination of tones conventionally accepted as being in a state of unrest and needing completion.

How are you feeling these days?

We are vibrations of Light energy which (esoterically) resonates to varied frequencies; just as music is comprised of varied tones and when in sync creates beautiful harmonies, so are we comprised of varied tones and when in sync, are glorious!

Then there are those other times…

The energies of August bring complex celestial patterns, multiple frequencies and odd tones. We want to be present, connect with, and flow. But right now, even though Mercury moves through the Rays of Cancer in forward motion, we are experiencing disconnects, we are not feeling grounded, present, or here. Things are not flowing, we are not making the connections we desire, it feels like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. One moment we are overwhelmed by emotion and the next moment blank. Our reality keeps shapeshifting throughout the day. We are in disharmony. We desire resolution, to be in harmony, but we are not, and the world around us is most definitely not.

The underlying issue: we all know, on some level, things are different now and will never be as they once were; change is inevitable, whether desired or not, whether we are ready or not. It is here and spinning up.

The shadow of all that we collectively repress, finds the weak threads and at this point rips open the fabric of reality, in the face of a massive influx of Light. In other words there is a great deal of fear in our collective unconscious; on many levels people are feeling the changes, the influx of Light, but many of us are unable or unwilling to examine or acknowledge what is happening. And as any student of Jung knows, energy that is repressed, finds a way to express; and the more we repress, the more intense the release, thus the occurrence of many strange events.

In these times of much uncertainty, I find myself craving beauty, yet nothing seems to satisfy; a beautiful face, art, flowers, spectacular scenery, everything pales. I feel somehow, somewhere there is a form of beauty which exists, that we cannot comprehend, beauty that is truly blinding; it occupies the space right at the edge of consciousness, just beyond reach, but its there.

We are beings of love light and energy created to express our potential. This is our purpose here, this and no other. This understanding will move us further along on the path of evolutionary consciousness. (a friend from above chimed in with this gracious statement)

Writing about our connective dissonance (cognitive dissonance) in the abstract, is a fairly easy thing to do; it is much more difficult to experience, as we are in the world, moving through our day. When stressful, strange events are happening to us, we are caught up in the waves of energy, and the shapeshifting of consciousness. These experiences can leave us unsettled, scattered, and feeling as though nothing is right. Although this is uncomfortable, it is part of the process. BE in the experience, let the waves of energy wash over you, and then let it go…

The Leo New Moon is at 14 degrees and 35 arc minutes, once again, I break with Astrological Tradition, the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon:

[KEYNOTE: The yearning for self-actualization.]

The fourth stage of this twenty-seventh sequence brings a transcendental clue to the technique of living: Let the soul speak out! Allow the true power of the true tone of your being to manifest itself smoothly, easily, unobstructed—or expect a variety of consequences. LET the soul manifest!

The Asteroid Goddess Vesta is in the same degree as this Leo New Moon. Vesta is associated with the sign of Virgo, as it was the Vestal Virgins who served in the temples of the Great Goddess, in the ancient world.  Vesta is the Keeper of the Flame, the flame of the hearth, as well as the flame of the Heart. She brings forth the energy of sacred service, protection, safety and love. Ceres, another of the lovely Asteroid Goddesses is close by at 20 degrees Leo, supporting this New Moon energy in nurturing the nascent desires of creative, love, and soul expression. Ceres also has a strong connection to Virgo, as she is a manifestation of life giving, Mother Earth. The New Moon closely trines Uranus, as he moves slowly back through the Rays of Aries, thus giving us inner courage to overcome our fear and creatively manifest our soul, the melody of our being.

The 15th degree(s) of the Fixed Signs in the Tropical Zodiac correspond to the Cross Quarter Points. These are Power Points that form a Grand Fixed Cross, and is known as the Path of the SOUL, on the Cross of Matter. The Cross Quarter Points are associated with four festivals that occur “between” the Solstice and Equinox. The Leo festival is called Lammas and is associated with the Harvest, the end of summer, where we reap the fruits of our labor. Vesta and Ceres strongly support this New Moon in Leo and stoke the creative fires of our labor. We give thanks and are grateful for the lessons and Soul growth we have had through the year.

As August unfolds, with odd frequencies, disconnects, shapeshifting realities, and strange events, find the Center of You..…the solid center of the Heart, connected to your SOUL, Spirit, and Love.



As always, Stay in Your Heart…

In Love & Light,


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