Through The Looking Glass, Alice

We have stepped into a new reality; one where a shady, celebrity business man who is famous for saying “You’re FIRED!” is in all probability going to be the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE.

Does this strike anyone as madness?

At first it seemed like a joke, then there was denial, then a strange sort of acceptance and surrender from the Republican Party.

On the Democratic side, upstart Bernie(a Senator for many years) is giving Hillary a run for her money. And Hillary, White Queen or Red Queen?

Is this madness? Or is this the dire result of a very unhappy electorate? I would say a little of both.

2016 has been quite the year to date. Powerful Eclipses in March, SuperMoons, and a Powerful Full Moon takes place on the Summer Solstice on June 20, with more Eclipses to follow in August and September, quite the year indeed.

The astrology for this Full Moon can be heard below, changing things up a bit at the Sag Full Moon!








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