Eclipse Season – Summer 2018


Eclipse Season is upon us. 

Partial Solar Eclipse :  July 13 at 20CAN41

Total Lunar Eclipse : July 27 at 4AQU55

Partial Solar Eclipse :  August 11 at 18LEO42

The August 11 Solar Eclipse is connected to the Grand Cross Eclipse of August 1999. This was a historic eclipse that heralded a new millennium; a new age.

Eclipses have a 19 year cycle, and are connected by degrees. Much has transpired in the last (almost) 20 years. What has changed for you? There is an idea we are slowly ascending to a higher consciousness in a spiral pattern. Although, much of the time, it feels like we are moving in circles, but maybe sometimes, with hard work, we move a little higher.

Happy Eclipse Season.

And as difficult as it may be in these uncertain times, still:




In Love & Light,



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