NOV, 2016 : TAURUS FULL MOON : The Upside Down

2016 US Election

Netflix has a hit show, “Stranger Things” a summer surprise hit; a take on 80’s flicks, where kids are the heroes and defeat the evil government scientists. They stumble into this when one of their friends gets drawn into the Upside Down. A parallel universe, the “negative” of our plane here. Where we live in Light, the Upside Down is dark, a forever gray, snowy, dystopian place, where monsters live.

The. Upside. Down.










On the night of November 8 2016, our reality tilted, perhaps I should say my reality tilted. I believed I lived in a country where misogyny and racism were on the way out.

After all we had just had 8 years of a black president; a thoughtful, measured, and intelligent man. Who worked hard to get the uninsured healthcare, who worked hard to bridge the divide with the staunchly republican congress, who worked hard to get the economy back on track, to where the US now has an unemployment rate of less than 5%. Who worked hard to better the lives of all in our country.

The white lady was perceived to have a bad history, although not Snow White, she had served her country for more than 30 years; I have no doubt without her efforts as First Lady to implement healthcare for everyone, there would not have been an Affordable Care Act. She worked hard to improve the lives of women and children. She was instrumental in taking out, perhaps the most “wanted” criminal the US ever had, the person who instigated the horror of 9/11. She is by light years, the more qualified, competent and steady candidate.

I wrote this on January 1, 2016

We will see the end to the historic presidency of Barack Obama, and this time next year, the US will have a new President, and NO ONE can possibly predict who that will be.

I wrote this in May 2016.

We have stepped into a new reality; one where a shady, celebrity business man who is famous for saying “You’re FIRED!” is in all probability going to be the 2016 US PRESIDENTIAL REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE.

I saw the cracks, but did not comprehend that everything I believed was wrong. We are still mired in racism, misogyny and hate. The US elected a narcissistic racist misogynist buffoon. But he is a WHITE MALE.

I have read much about how the Democratic Party failed, how the pollsters failed, how the media failed.

We have all failed. We have collectively chosen to embrace the monsters. And for the next 4 years we will live in the UPSIDE DOWN.

11/15/16 Please sign this petition urging Electoral College to vote for CLINTON.

2 thoughts on “NOV, 2016 : TAURUS FULL MOON : The Upside Down

  1. Well stated. Blessings ❤️

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