July 8, 2013: Cancer New Moon: ARE YOU REAL?

BehindTheFenceWitness Me

I remember a room, always raining, inside; a hot day, driving, California Desert. One life, then another in tall pines by the sea, the outer and inner life. How many of us live authentic lives? How many of us have the courage to be who we are, really be who we are?

I picked up an interesting little magazine, Open Exchange, that had a little blip on the five top regrets people have at the end of their lives, this information was collected by hospice workers. (Five Top Regrets…)

Interesting and insightful.

Number 1. End of Life Regret: I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

Not more sex, more money, more fame and certainly not more “stuff.”

How many of us truly live meaningful, authentic lives? True to ourselves; what does this even mean? And how is this defined? Do we even know what this means to us? So ingrained are we in family, culture, tradition? Have we ever really thought of WHO WE ARE INSIDE? Sometimes living an authentic life involves great sacrifice, it is not the path of least resistance, and to what gain? Pain, possibly ostracized, alone, true to oneself. Jung’s process of Individuation.

So. Much. Work.

I venture to say, many would rather watch Kim Kardashian’s latest narcissistic asstics. Such are the distractions from the real issues.

We live one life, out there and another, in here.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon in Cancer on July 8:

[KEYNOTE: The life urge to actualize one’s birth potential.]


How many of us actualize our potential? What do we fear? Nothing to give? So much to lose…..Thank You Sarah, for actualizing your gift of song, and Thank You Edward, for your gift of truth, two very different expressions, two very different outcomes…both required a great deal of courage.

See people. Listen. Talk to others, not at them. Everyone, you come in contact with everyday.

Witness them, Witness you….

Our Trickster friend, Mercury Retrograde is very close to this Cancer New Moon prompting thoughtful reflection about our expression of self. How do we identify ourselves in the world? Mother, Father, Wife, Husband, Friend, Lover, Child? Are we playing a role that is expected of us?

In this New Moon chart there is much Fire and Water. A strange combination of fiery emotions, and relating very much to the fires that rage in the desert southwest; and intense emotions of grief for fallen firefighters, as well as the devastation brought to wildlife, land and homes. Mars is moving through the late degrees of Gemini, thus providing Air to fuel the fire(s) on the inside and on the outside. The only planet to occupy the Earth Element, is Pluto; God of Destruction, Transformation, and Regeneration. The energy of Pluto destroys in order to bring resurrection from the ashes, new life, in new ways.

Saturn, Lord of Karma, stations direct the day before this New Moon, and as he slowly moves through the turbulent, intense waters of Scorpio, brings further examination of our emotional life, that which we experience deep within ourselves.

Stayed grounded at this Watery-Fiery New Moon, find the place in the center, the center of you…the solid center of the Heart, connected to Spirit, The Universe, Love.



As always, Stay in your HEART…

In Love & Light,


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