July 4th and Dark of the Moon: THE REAL ISSUE BROUGHT TO LIGHT?

Paul Beebe, Lang Lake in Upsala, Ontario, Canada:


It has taken some time, for the real issue of the Snowden affair to come to light. The political rhetoric from the US government carries much weight, it is after all the United States of America. Diane Feinstein and John Kerry are powerful figures within the current Administration and their words are influential. But the issue of whether their words carry substance and truth is another matter entirely.

The issues of truth and transparency, and spying on such a massive scale on our allies, and the American people, is very serious, and continues to be downplayed as it is overshadowed by the HUNT for Mr. Snowden.

Today, after a week of silence Mr. Snowden released a statement, from the no mans land transit station in Russia, where he is currently trapped. See Sabian Symbol Capricorn Full Moon, June 23, 2013 The new path may lead to cold regions requiring insulation from harsh circumstances…The will leads the mind on toward the spiritual North of the soul. A period of trials is implied. A TESTING OF THE WILL. (Rudhyar)

He cannot legally travel, as his passport has been revoked by the US, because he is considered a fugitive. And as the US applies pressure, the Ecuadorian president, said he must reach the Ecuadorian Embassy to apply for political asylum. At the time of this post  it appears he has withdrawn the request for political asylum in Russia, due to limitations of Free Speech; other countries are rejecting his request stating he must be physically present in that country to apply for asylum. And while the situation has appeared to amuse Putin for a brief period, it now appears he does not want to further strain relations with the US, and would rather see Mr. Snowden move on, and where will this man go?

The long arm of US Justice, has effectively stopped Mr. Snowden, a WHISTLE BLOWER, and left him bereft. Interesting that Germany or France, one of the countries whose Embassies were allegedly bugged by the NSA, will not help him. It would seem no one will stand up to the USA, even when the USA has broken many, many laws itself in this matter.

The talking heads have been looking for an Obama crisis; the IRS scandal, Benghazi, they have really tried to manufacture a crisis. But this will be the real crisis for the Obama Administration, the NSA massive surveillance programs and strangely most “legitimate” US media are not even addressing this issue. This is incomprehensible.

July 4th is the “Birthday” of the United States. Many astrologers have researched the appropriate time of the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence, and a chart was erected. It is known as the Sibley Chart, and most astrologers use this as the official chart of the birth of the USA. Since this week is July 4, it will interesting to see what is in store for the US this coming year.

Looking at the Solar Return Chart for the US 2013, the initial impression presents a striking indication that situations will not go the way our Government would like them to, which is unusual for such a powerful entity as the US.

The Moon in the Solar Return chart is exactly conjunct the US natal Uranus at 8-9 Gemini. Transit Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer and Transit Mars in Gemini are very close to their natal positions in the Sibley Chart.

Essentially the 2013 US Solar Return chart, will also coincide with Mercury and Mars Return, and Jupiter is very close to its natal position in the Sibley Chart as well. Mercury Retrograde in a Solar Return indicates a year of issues from the past resurfacing, or something which was hidden is brought to light. Indeed. In terms of the Lunation cycle this Solar Return falls in the Dark of the Moon phase, this indicates letting go of what is no longer needed for our evolution of consciousness.

This will be a significant year for the US, with many unexpected events, already starting with Mr. Snowden and the release of information about massive surveillance programs. In addition  the long-term transit of Uranus in Aries, squaring the US Sun at 13 Cancer, will be activated as the transit Sun returns to the natal degree of 13 Cancer on July 4th and lights up the Uranus square; expect an intense holiday!

What are the REAL ISSUES in your life?



And as always, Stay in your HEART.

Happy 4th!

In Love & Light



Update: 7/3/2013:

Yesterday, Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane was forced to land in Austria and searched for Mr. Snowden.

“Austrian officials made a voluntary check of Morales’ plane and confirmed that Snowden was not on board, Interior Ministry spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundboeck said.”(CNN)

This is outrageous, this is akin to a policeman stopping a vehicle purely out of suspicion and a complete violation of the 4th Amendment. That the US has this much power and influence, to direct a country to stop and search another country’s Presidential plane, is beyond frightening.

And what is really frightening is why the Obama Administration is so completely terrified of one skinny, bespectacled young man with a suitcase full of secrets, who has the courage to stand up  and demand truth and transparency from his government.

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