About Jody


Photo by Alicia Chavez, Mission San Luis Obispo, 2002

Hello. I am Jody, an Astrologer, Graphic Designer, Fine Artist, and Award-winning Writer.

The year 2000 was a time of great upheaval and change in my life. My beloved dog, Thunder, died of cancer, my tumultuous seven year marriage ended and I moved from Colorado to California. During this time of great loss and transition, I began to study Astrology. It was a subject I had always been interested in, but had no desire to learn, as it is an extremely complex and information intense body of knowledge. But for reasons known only to my soul, I was driven, and studied and learned a great deal. It was at this time I became conscious  of the Sabian Symbols, and in a strange parallel to their unfolding 75 years ago, found myself living in San Diego California. I was drawn like a magnet to Balboa Park, with its incredible gardens and beautiful Architecture.

Interestingly this all  happened before I learned this was the location where the Sabian Symbols came into existence. I have had other extraordinary experiences with the Sabian Symbols, most notably the part the symbols played in guiding my spiritual journey to Cambria California. I was then and still am very drawn to the Sabian Symbols; the role of the symbols in Astrology and how the symbols relate to the search for meaning and understanding our greater purpose in this life.

In Love and Light!


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