Welcome to Sabian Art

Welcome to Sabian Art-Astrology for Evolution of Consciousness.  What is astrology for the evolution of consciousness?

Sabian Art is the creation which grew from my study of the Sabian Symbols and Astrology over the last fifteen years.  Sabian Art is a place for information, knowledge, art and most important-learning about ourselves, ourselves in relation to others and ourselves in relation to the time and place in which we exist right now, including the incredible changes we are witnessing everyday.

How do we make sense of all this? How do we understand our role in this world, our part in the evolution of consciousness? For the seeker of knowledge this is a lifelong endeavor, and there are many paths, with many answers and many questions as well.

Allow me to join you on your path, and help with some of the answers.

I will be posting regular updates for the New Moon and Full Moon each month, which will discuss the energies surrounding the Lunations. A brief glimpse of the energies in play, can be very useful for navigating our path on the evolution of consciousness.

In addition to the posts, take a moment and look around, read about my incredible journey with the Sabian Symbols that started in San Diego CA. There will be more in-depth articles to follow about this extraordinary experience and others relating to the Sabian Symbols.

If you feel a resonance with my energy, I would love to work with you and talk about your path and your part in the evolution of consciousness.

Contact me directly at sabianart@gmail.com, for a free consultation and we can talk about what you are seeking and how I may be able to provide meaningful insight to your questions.


In Love & Light!


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